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Transforming Healthcare Organizations, Lives and Careers Through Science

The Synergy Organization, Inc. (Synergy) was founded in 1989 by Kenneth R. Cohen, Ph.D.  Its mission is to help transform healthcare organizations, lives and careers through science.  Synergy provides world class service and results for client partners by enabling them to recruit and select the right fit leaders, the first time.

Healthcare Search Firm The Synergy Organization
Synergy has conducted hundreds of executive level searches and assessments on behalf of healthcare clients.

Synergy is proud to have earned the complete trust, repeat business and accolades from many of the most respected healthcare organizations across the U.S.  It differentiates itself from traditional search firms not only in the results achieved, but also in its innovative, evidence-based services and value.  These include the powerful integration of its unique expertise and experience, proprietary Synergy Screening System® (including psychological testing), industry best practices, conducting national leadership research studies and the application of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program standards in all of its business practices.


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The Difference Between Top Performers And Poor Performers

The Synergy Organization was founded in direct response to two critical challenges  organizations face:

  1. People who are unhappy with their positions usually don’t change themselves to fit their job requirements. Instead, they try to change their job responsibilities to suit their own preferences.
  2. Conversely, top performers typically love their jobs.  They have a real passion for them.

Healthcare executive search hasn’t paid sufficient attention to what matters most to leaders’ success.  It’s all about The Fit.  And, The Fit has much less to do with leaders’ heads (expertise, education, training) and everything to do with their hearts (passions, values, drive).

The Right Leaders. The First Time.

The Synergy Organization helps health systems, hospitals and other healthcare organizations recruit and select the right leaders the first time through its proprietary, evidence-based, Synergy Screening System®.

Synergy Screening System
The Synergy Screening System® saves time, money and increases productivity, profitability.

The Synergy Screening System helps save significant time and money throughout the leadership search and selection processes.  It also helps increase productivity and profitability while drastically decreasing risks.

C-suite executives and candidates alike love the Synergy Screening System (S3) because of its objective, metrics-driven approach.  It protects their short- and long-term best interests with its multiple, value-added services, deliverables and unique benefits.

Transformation Across Multiple Areas

S3 has proven to be so incredibly effective and efficient for search and selection purposes that Synergy’s services have grown organically beyond search since 1989 directly in response to client partners’ requests.  Synergy offers a wide variety of customized, evidence-based, executive assessment and consulting services and solutions.  Most frequently requested executive assessments are: Selection, Developmental, Team Synergy, Rerailment and Organizational Redesign.

Additional frequently requested, value-added, evidence-based services:


The Synergy Organization is proud to be a member of and / or affiliated with the following organizations:

ACHE American College Of Healthcare Executives ASHHRA
Baldrige Performance Excellence Program logo Center for HealthCare Governance
HCNCA Healthcare-Leadership-Network