Evidence-Based Consulting


Employers often say that people are their most valuable asset.  But, engaging and aligning their employees to achieve the organization’s goals can be challenging.  The Synergy Organization’s proven evidence-based consulting solutions help you align your organization’s structure, processes and people to maximize productivity and profitability.

We engaged The Synergy Organization to assist the Cleveland Clinic with the challenge of replacing the Office of Innovations director.

They worked closely with my office as well as the Chief of Staff and Chief Executive Officer to understand our operation and what we perceived as the needs for a future leader. They conducted extensive interviews. Upon completion of their analysis, they presented a comprehensive report on what changes should be made in the operation as well as the traits and abilities of potential candidates.

We engaged The Synergy Organization to conduct a national search. Their work was utilized throughout every step of the process and was invaluable to us.

There was never a feeling that the company brought forward “templated reports” and simply populated them with our data. It was a unique analysis designed solely for the Cleveland Clinic.

Robert W. Coulton, Jr., Executive Director, Professional Staff Affairs, Cleveland Clinic