Evidence-Based Executive Assessments


Since the firm’s founding, The Synergy Organization has grown organically directly in response to client partners’ requests.  It has since developed a wide array of evidence-based executive assessments, listed below, which assess healthcare leaders’ relative fit across different applications.  They help ensure healthcare leadership performs with optimal efficiency.

The 6 services in the Executive Assessments suite are:

Creating Win-Win Outcomes: Increasing Productivity, Profitability And Engagement While Reducing Expense And Turnover

All of Synergy’s assessment services integrate its proprietary Synergy Screening System®, or S3.  At its core, S3 is an evidence-based, rigorous, scientific approach to job analysis and leadership assessment.  These go well beyond the “gut” to protect everyone involved.

With S3, all of the right things are done.  And, they’re all done right the first time. This decreases healthcare organizations’ costs and reduces risks while helping to increase productivity and profitability, because the right decisions are made the first time.

Each of Synergy’s Evidence-Based Executive Assessments begins with a Job Analysis to accurately and objectively target the requirements: square or round.  This includes:

  • Meeting with primary team members individually to identify your expectations of the new leader;
  • Having select team members who will be working most closely with this new person complete their Synergy Screening System® profiles to identify the specific characteristics required to succeed in that position; and,
  • Sharing the combined results with you, then using these as the objective target criteria against which your external or internal candidates will be compared.

The evidence is obtained via a proprietary series of structured interviews and carefully crafted, standardized assessment instruments.  Within just a few days at most, Synergy gathers all of the data it needs to cross-validate wants with needs.

The deliverables for each Evidence-Based Executive Assessment are custom tailored to the unique needs of the situation.  However, in  general, the deliverables typically include a thorough and objective analysis and comparison of that leader’s relative strengths, developmental opportunities, related experiences and overall potential fit for the position.

The processes and deliverables following the Job Analysis depend on the type of assessment required, and are explained below.

1. Evidence-Based Selection Assessments

Objective, Evidence-Based Assessment of One or More External or Internal Candidates

When you want objective, expert assistance to evaluate your internal and/or external candidates Evidence-Based Selection Assessmentsfor key leadership positions, The Synergy Organization’s Selection Assessments are the proven and popular solution.  While neutral, this compares everyone against the same standards.  Every Selection Assessment begins with an in-depth Job Analysis of your specific requirements and gives you a realistic, balanced and unbiased view of each candidate’s potential for success in that position.

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2. Evidence-Based Developmental Assessments

Evidence-Based Individual Plans To Facilitate A Leader’s Growth

Developmental Assessments involve evaluating current and potential leaders for specific Evidence-Based Developmental Assessmentsprofessional growth strategies, and are integrated as part of succession planning.  The Developmental Assessment provides a realistic and unbiased view of each individual’s growth potential.  You will also receive individualized developmental strategies you can use to manage, motivate and retain that leader’s unique strengths most effectively and efficiently to your mutual advantage.

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3. Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessments

Increase Team Cooperation, Interdependence, Productivity And Efficiency

Team Synergy Assessments evaluate your leadership team to increase productivity, teamwork Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessmentsand communication.  These help them to identify and learn how to leverage their individual and collective talents and interests most effectively.  In addition, these identify how best to remove those specific barriers.

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4. Evidence-Based Rerailment Assessments

Evidence-Based Plan To Help Struggling Leaders Get Back On Track

When struggling organizational leaders need help getting “back on track” and maximizing productivity, they reach out to Synergy to conduct Rerailment Assessments. These improve performance by providing individualized strategies and specific resources after evaluating that leader in the context of their position.

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5. Evidence-Based Organizational Redesign Assessments

Assess Current Leaders For Placement In A Restructured Organization

Experience and industry research show that the vast majority of restructured organizations typically Evidence-Based Organizational Redesign Assessmentsfail to achieve their intended cost-efficiencies.  Often, insufficient consideration is given to deciding which current leaders are most likely to be effective when challenged with increased responsibilities.  All too often, leaders are moved around like interchangeable parts.  This revolving door creates inconsistencies and chaos within organizations.  These Organizational Redesign Assessments will help you leverage your current leaders’ proven experiences, strengths and career interests to your mutual advantage.  In short, clients are given customized strategies to help them accomplish more with fewer resources.

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6. Evidence-Based Pre-Employment Testing

For Making The Right Hiring Decision…Easily, Efficiently and Consistently

Most progressive employers recognize that traditional interviews are ineffective as the Evidence-Based Pre-Employment Testingsole means of selecting the most appropriate candidates and that their selection practices have a tremendous impact on their operations and bottom line.  Our Pre-Employment Testing services create customized tools to ensure that your selection processes include the latest and most objective means of making the right hiring decisions.

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