Evidence-Based Executive Search


The Right Fit. The First Time.

The 3-step, proprietary Synergy Screening System ® (S3) enables hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations to:

  • Scientifically evaluate unique needs and requirements for leadership position success,
  • Objectively evaluate potential talent in measurable ways against those needs, and
  • Accurately make the right hiring decision.  The first time.

And, as we all know, doing everything right the first time is so much better over the long term. S3 helps you:

  • Save time and money,
  • Increase productivity and profitability, and
  • Reduce risks.

Take The Synergy Challenge!   Take The Synergy Challenge

I am pleased to recommend The Synergy Organization for executive searches within the healthcare community.  As you know, Synergy has worked with many of the senior executives within MedStar to fill mission critical positions.  Our experience with Synergy has been very positive.

In addition to Synergy’s ability to effectively provide the best top level candidates, their knowledge and professionalism has delivered a high level of service and commitment which provides us with confidence in our hiring decisions.  Synergy is a reliable partner for helping us acquire top executive talent.

David P. Noe, Vice President, Human Resources, MedStar Health

Diagnosis Before Treatment: Squares Or Circles?

The initial step to ensuring optimal performance and retention is the Evidence-Based Job Analysis.

Job Analysis includes targeted, individual interviews with key constituents as well as a brief behavioral profile.  Together, they identify the job objectively and cross-validate what matters most for the position.  They provide in concrete, measurable terms a validation of whether:

  1. What the organization wants is, in fact, what is needed, or
  2. It’s a square peg that is needed, not a circular one as originally thought.

Primary constituents to the position are invited to provide input: those above, below and alongside.

I want to thank you and your team for your assistance in completing our search for a new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

I continue to be impressed with the comprehensive approach which The Synergy Organization utilizes in applying evidence-based search techniques to ensure that the candidates presented during the search process are both qualified technically to undertake their positional responsibilities, but also qualified culturally, to fit effectively inside the organization, working constructively with both their peers and subordinates.

Ken Hanover, CEO, Prezio Health, Inc.

Elimination Of “I’ll Know It When I See It”

The Job Analysis eliminates the “I’ll know it when I see it” type of comment so often heard from a position’s stakeholders.  It is politically appropriate.  Shrewd.  Those most concerned are guided to pay sufficient attention on the front end so as to provide the critical, salient components that make for a great fit.  This eliminates the Monday morning quarterback phenomenon.

Evidence-Based Executive Healthcare Search
The Synergy Organization is transforming healthcare executive search by providing the right fit the first time.

Immediate supervisors, peers and direct reports meet individually with Synergy’s healthcare executive search specialists.  By meeting individually, as opposed to a group setting, the dominant personality does not influence the input of others.

The focus is: major challenges of the leadership position, opportunities, and clarification of the most appropriate leadership style and personality.

The Deliverable: A Job Analysis Report

The deliverable is a written Job Analysis Report.  It provides a comprehensive, 360o view of the position based on the input of all stakeholders.

In some cases, it is, in fact, a square hole that needs to be filled. In others, it’s a circular one.  In all cases, Synergy identifies with clarity and pinpoint accuracy exactly the most critical criteria against which candidates will be compared.

This, then, allows for the direct recruitment of candidates with laser-like focus from our national database and targeted sources.

Buy-In From All In Just A Few Days

Key constituents are engaged on the front end.  Objective, valid, value-added written proof of the position’s requirements.  In just a few days.  Transformative.

I am extremely pleased with their evidence-based executive search and recruitment assessment services and highly recommend them to solve your recruiting needs.

Jim Raggio, CEO, Lompoc Valley Medical Center

Which Color Square Peg To Fill That Square Hole?

If the evidence from step 1 reveals a square peg is required to fill a square hole, the second phase involves casting a wide net and the filtering of all but the square pegs.  That will leave many: red square pegs, blue square pegs, gold, green, brown…

But, which color is the right fit for both the organization as well as the candidate?

The Synergy Screening System’s Executive Assessment step also is evidence-based. The process involves:

  • Comprehensive, customized, structured behaviorally-based interviews with each candidate,
  • A battery of proprietary leadership profiles, and
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses relative to the position’s requirements.

The Heart Of The Matter: Personality Propels Performance

S3 goes beyond the obvious – technical expertise, formal education, previous experience, behavior – and style to predict passion and the right fit for the job.  It deliberately places obstacles in the way of the wrong health care leader candidates.  It gives them a chance to “quit” before even being recommended for an interview.

And, it gets at the heart of things.  Literally.

Identifying talent who will drive real organizational growth and change isn’t a matter of can they.  The right fit is about will they.

They will if they have passion and the right personality for the job.

Having to do something vs. loving to do it.  There’s a huge distinction.

The Synergy Screening System x-rays a candidate’s heart to predict whether she / he:

  • Actually loves to do what needs to be done,
  • Will eventually try to change job requirements to suit their own preferences rather than adapting to situations as needed,
  • Will behave as the position requires as opposed to how she / he likes to behave.

Unless an executive level healthcare candidate is just right, you won’t even see them from Synergy.  They’ll never make it past S3.

This helps guarantee the organization has nothing but just the right color square peg to fit the square hole.  At the same time, the prospective leader is assured she / he is making a great decision, too.

This all helps avoid problems over the long term.

The Deliverable: An Executive Assessment Report

The deliverable is a concise Executive Assessment Report: The Gold Square Peg That Perfectly Fits The Blue Square Hole.  It provides the evidence, in both graphic and written form, of the recommended candidate’s behavioral interviews, related experience as well as the x-ray of each candidate’s heart.  A balanced, objective comparison of each candidate’s real fit for the position.

It’s not the head, it’s the heart.  That’s transformative.

The Right Fit. The First Time.

Selecting the wrong candidate is painful, for many reasons.

Synergy’s own Synergy Screening System® is a fail-safe approach to healthcare executive leadership acquisition and assessment that saves significant time and money.  It also increases productivity and profitability, all by ensuring the right fit, the first time.   We guarantee it and your complete satisfaction, too!

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