Evidence-Based Job Analysis


Define The Need

Evidence-Based Job Analysis: scientific evidence to clearly define expectations before hiring.  Only from The Synergy Organization.

Evidence-Based Job Analysis
Evidence-Based Job Analysis: scientific evidence to clearly define expectations before hiring. Exclusively from The Synergy Organization.

In the creation of a new position or the re-engineering of an existing one, you need to clearly define your expectations before you hire someone for that job.  As the old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”  Consider the fact that the direct and indirect costs of hiring the wrong leader can cost your organization an amount in excess of six to ten times that person’s annual salary, you can’t afford to be vague in your expectations.  Unfortunately, hiring managers often have only a general idea of what the position should entail, and struggle to accurately define the real prerequisites for success in the position.  We have found that some of this confusion results from discrepancies between what they believe they want versus what they really need.

Also, complex organizations sometimes fail to consider the multiple constituencies whose initial input and “buy-in” are absolutely vital, and must secure these throughout the development of these positions and during the recruitment and selection processes as well.  Otherwise, without this initial buy-in, they frequently set themselves up for the “Monday morning quarterback” syndrome in which those individuals excluded from the process challenge and second guess their decisions and create avoidable problems for everyone involved.

Your interviews of our key stakeholders, along with their written assessments of the Cardiology Chair position, provided a valuable insight into the key success factors necessary for this important physician leadership role.  Your perspective on our culture, key responsibilities, performance criteria and leadership style and characteristics proved to be an important foundation upon which we were able to evaluate our candidates.

I found this leadership assessment to be objective, well structured and actionable.

James F. Carlino, SPHR, CCP, VP Human Resources, CHRO, DEBORAH Heart and Lung Center

Evidence-Based Job Analysis Case Study

The Challenge

A large, internationally recognized academic medical center, the flagship of its respected multi-hospital system, sought to investigate the reasons behind the rapid and repeated turnover in the Executive Director position.  Within the last ten years, more than five previously successful senior executives had assumed this position, encountered major difficulties, and then either resigned or were terminated. Subsequently, each of them assumed a leadership position in other organizations where they succeeded.

Our Solution

We met individually with those senior team members within the organization who had the most direct prior knowledge and experience with the former Executive Directors to identify the primary responsibilities and challenges associated with the position.  We asked them a series of prepared questions that helped to reveal the underlying issues that prevented each of these senior executives from succeeding in the position.  In addition, we asked them to complete objective behavioral profiles to identify the leadership style that would be most effective in the position.

With the data gathered, we prepared an Executive Briefing summarizing what we found to be the most critical issues contributing to their “Revolving Door” and met with senior executives from the system to share our findings.  We helped the senior team members to develop some concrete strategies for removing the specific barriers that we identified had blocked the prior Executive Director’s success.  These included the withholding of critical information that any competent Executive Director would expect and require.  We also learned that their resource allocation practices prohibited the Executive Director from reinvesting much-needed dollars to make necessary improvements.  We provided the senior team members with a more complete understanding of their unique expectations for this person and clarified the position’s real challenges for them, and this knowledge enabled them to select someone who was well suited for their specific needs.

The Result

Over the past few years, the “new” Executive Director has achieved his performance expectations and has brought a great deal of much-needed stability to the organization.  Today, the organization has re-established itself as a leading, international medical center, has become much more profitable, and has won various awards for quality and service excellence.

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