Evidence-Based Organizational Redesign Assessments

Moving People Around

Organizational Redesign Assessments assess which current employees are most appropriate for positions within a restructured organization.

Extensive research over the last 20 years has found that the vast majority of those organizations that have redesigned themselves in order to increase their cost efficiencies ultimately failed to achieve their primary financial objectives, and usually ended up being worse off than they were initially. When asked to cut their payrolls and eliminate positions, little or no serious consideration typically has been given to deciding which of the current employees are most likely to be effective when challenged to handle the increased responsibilities.

Evidence-Based Organizational Redesign Assessments
Organizational Redesign Assessments assess which current employees are most appropriate for positions within a restructured organization.

The architects of many organizational restructurings wrongly assume that people are like interchangeable parts, and that everyone is equally capable of “doing more with less.” All too often, the unfortunate consequence of restructuring is that the best, brightest and most talented employees are actually encouraged to depart, leaving their former organizations in the hands of those individuals who are least capable of satisfying the increased responsibilities.

The most progressive organizations have learned that the ultimate success of a merger, acquisition or reorganization effort often hinges on the strength of their people and their ability to respond to change. In a “change” situation, companies must give added attention to the leadership of their people. You need to focus on those employees who will remain with your organization and who will play an integral role in your short- and long-term success.

Evidence-Based Organizational Redesign Assessments Case Study

The Challenge

An extremely well respected service organization with 1,500 employees sought to increase its productivity and efficiency through a streamlining of its organizational structure.  The CEO understood that such results could not occur unless the organization’s talent was identified objectively and leveraged optimally by having the right people in the right positions. And, he wanted to use a fair, consistent, and effective process to ensure that all internal applicants (both current and potential leaders) were carefully assessed to determine which, if any of them, would be most appropriate for each new leadership position.

Our Solution

We partnered with the CEO and the senior executive team members to identify their unique expectations for each middle and senior level position (over 70) throughout the entire organization.  Then we established and implemented a comprehensive process for selecting the most qualified internal candidates, including the creation of a selection matrix. This consisted of:

  1. personal interviews conducted by Synergy personnel,
  2. completion of objective leadership assessments,
  3. structured interviews with the senior executives utilizing questions developed
    specifically for them,
  4. completion of written essays, and
  5. a review of prior performance ratings and history.

Next, we facilitated the Selection Team’s final decisions. Finally, we gave feedback to all of the internal employees involved about the rationale for the processes used and provided them with individualized, developmental suggestions.

The Result

The organization achieved significant cost-savings while increasing productivity and their satisfaction ratings. Not only were there measurable improvements in key organizational metrics, but also, the vast majority of those employees who participated in this process (who were and were not selected for the new leadership positions) reported that the process had been much more fair, thorough, and objective than they had originally anticipated.

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