Evidence-Based Pre-Employment Testing


The Right Tools For The Job

0ur Pre-Employment Testing instruments help you make the right hiring decisions.  Cost-effectively.  Easily.  Efficiently.

Most progressive employers recognize that traditional interviews are ineffective as the sole means of selecting the most appropriate candidates and that their selection practices have a tremendous impact on their operations and bottom line.  Our Pre-Employment Testing services create customized pre-employment assessment tools to ensure that your selection processes include the latest and most objective means of making the right hiring decisions.

Evidence-Based Pre-Employment Testing
THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB Pre-Employment Testing tools help you make the right hiring decisions. . . easily, efficiently and consistently.

By removing subjectivity from the selection process, you can avoid making the same mistakes you’ve made in the past.  We enable you to utilize objective and quantifiable data as the criteria for your selection decisions.  We can help you develop success profiles of your top performers and create a process that allows you to select people with similar qualities.

Our cost-effective assessments will help you to stop wasting your time and resources interviewing people who might look good on paper, but who do not have the interpersonal skills and personality you need for your organization to succeed.  Our validated assessment instruments are internet-based, offer automated immediate scoring, are easy to use, and are available for both your management and staff level positions.

Pre-Employment Testing Case Study

The Challenge

An organization was experiencing much greater turnover among their managers than was typical in the industry and saw their selection process as a key contributor to this challenge.  The Vice President of Human Resources wanted to implement a more formal selection process that would be more consistently accurate, and yet easy to use.  They also wanted to improve their understanding of each candidate’s relative strengths and weaknesses, structure their interviews, and make better hiring decisions (especially when considering a panel of internal and external candidates).  In addition, they wanted to reduce their expenses of interviewing out-of-town candidates.

Our Solution

We started by meeting with the VP of HR to identify her specific needs and goals.  We developed and then trained her and her staff in the use of a fully automated, internet-based assessment instrument to be used as part of their selection process with all of their potential managers.  The tool that we developed provided them with a comprehensive overview of each person’s strengths and weaknesses, was supplemented with individualized questions to be asked of each candidate, and included practical tips for the immediate supervisor about how to manage, motivate, and retain each person most effectively.

The Result

Within the first few weeks, various Human Resources personnel reported that the tool was easy to use, its fully automated administration and scoring gave them the consistently accurate and objective information they wanted on each candidate, provided immediate feedback on the candidates, and that this had not only met, but exceeded their expectations.  They also reported that the assessment results helped them avoid hiring two candidates who “looked great on paper” but who were unable to give them adequate responses to the suggested follow-up probing questions generated by the assessments.

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