Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessments


Working Together

Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessments help leadership teams increase cooperation, interdependence, individual and team productivity and efficiency.

Our Team Synergy Assessments begin by meeting with the team leader and the team stakeholders to identify the primary issues, challenges, and objectives of the team.  During these initial meetings, we will identify the primary job responsibilities and behavioral style requirements for each team member, will define a clear and common understanding for each position and will identify any significant conflicting job demands that may exist.  These same team members also will be asked to fill out a brief (ten minute) behavioral profile.  The responses will be scored and shared with you.  The results will provide you with a more complete understanding as to how you need each job performed.  Then, the aggregate behavioral expectations for the position will serve as an objective standard against which each team member will be compared.

After we have clearly identified your technical and behavioral requirements for success in each position, The Synergy Organization will conduct a customized, personal, and behaviorally-based interview with each team member to determine how well matched they are for their positions.

Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessments
Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessments help leadership teams increase cooperation, interdependence, individual and team productivity and efficiency.

We will identify each team member’s primary strengths and non-strengths as compared to their position.  In addition, each candidate will complete a battery of leadership profiles to identify their leadership style and individual preferences.  After we interpret the results and objectively compare them with the job requirements, we will provide you with a comprehensive behavioral analysis that determines how likely each person is to succeed and do what you require of someone in that particular position.

In the final phase, we will prepare a written Executive Summary and will personally debrief you (and each team member as appropriate) regarding our findings and recommendations.  Included in this summary are the results of the interviews, leadership profiles and individualized suggestions about how you can most effectively work with, communicate with, and/or manage each team member.  The results are then shared with the rest of the team and they are given opportunities to discuss the results and internalize the strategies for growth.

Evidence-Based Team Synergy Assessments Case Study

The Challenge

The President of a rapidly growing, for-profit organization requested our help because they were about to embark on a large, strategic growth initiative.  He was concerned that his senior executive team members were not communicating well nor working effectively together.

Our Solution

We helped these team members to establish a clear and common understanding of their performance expectations for the team and for each of the individual members.  Then, we evaluated the President and each of his senior team members.

We provided the President with key insights about each person along with practical suggestions about how to align their primary responsibilities with their unique strengths and interests to maximize their productivity within the organization.  For example, after learning that the COO was too detail oriented and controlling, we helped him to understand how some of his behavior was perceived by his fellow team members and how it hindered their performance.  Then, we helped him to find more mutually acceptable ways of getting things done.  We also helped the President to restructure the responsibilities among his team members based on their proven strengths and interests.

The Result

This has helped the organization to achieve its projected growth initiatives, including increased revenues and efficiency.  The executive team members reported that their improved communications and understanding of each other have helped them to work together more effectively and that their financial success could not have occurred without their improved collaboration.

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