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The Synergy Organization is the recognized leader in providing comprehensive, evidence-based executive search services.

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Using the checklist below, compare for yourself how The Synergy Organization can help you and your organization.  Only The Synergy Organization does all of the following:

Job Analysis

  • Meets individually on-site with your organization’s primary constituents to;
    • Gain an understanding of your organizational culture;
    • Understand the style of people who will succeed; and,
    • Clarify the primary responsibilities, challenges and opportunities, and leadership style required.
  • Objectively cross-validates what the immediate supervisor and other primary constituents say they want in this person is really what they need
  • Ensures internal consistency, in part through the use of behavioral profiles, of the most critical success factors in the position
  • Helps you resolve the “revolving door syndrome” by sharing feedback with you about potentially conflicting behavioral expectations that the position may have
  • Engages the key stakeholders upfront about the most critical attributes of the right person
  • Develops objective criteria to help you avoid the “I’ll know it when I see the right person” phenomena

Efficient Candidate Recruitment

  • Streamlines the search processes because they accurately identify upfront what you’re looking for
  • Excludes the majority of the candidates by design based on targeted success factors from above Job Analysis
  • Networks with their national database of healthcare executives to pursue the most qualified candidates in 30 days or less

Candidate Assessment and Presentation

  • Conducts customized behavioral interviews with each viable candidate
  • Conducts extensive professional research audits and provides you with the results in writing
  • Administers a comprehensive battery of leadership assessments with each serious candidate
  • Develops experience charts for candidates to help you compare and contrast in order to facilitate the interviewing process
  • Develops an individualized list of follow-up behavioral probing questions to be used with candidates and their references to ensure that they are well-suited for the position
  • Conducts a national compensation survey to identify a competitive compensation range through their partnership with Astron Solutions
    Offers several proven ways to streamline the interviewing process and saves you more than $10,000 per search in direct costs
  • Offers these assessment services to you for use with your own internal and/or external candidates as separate executive assessments
  • Refers only pre-screened and well-qualified candidates so you can make the best use of your limited time and resources

Evidence-Based Decision Making

  • Interview only the right and most qualified candidates quicker
  • Provides an individualized “owner’s manual” with specific written recommendations as to what the immediate supervisor can do to select, manage, motivate and retain this new leader most effectively
  • Offers proven expertise and experience from nationally recognized experts in healthcare recruitment, selection and retention
  • Provides added confidence with hiring decisions, reduces risks, and helps all parties involved to make much more informed, cost-effective and accurate selection decisions

Learn more about Evidence-Based Executive Search.

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