Synergy Screening System®


The Synergy Screening System®, or S3, is an evidence-based, 3-step scientific, rigorous approach to hiring the right healthcare leaders, the first time.  It significantly decreases hospital and health system costs as well as reduces risk while helping to increase productivity and profitability.

  1. Objective Validation of Wants vs Needs Among Top Performers
  2. Filter The Talent
  3. Identify The Right Fit

All based on objective, measurable evidence.

The Biggest Problem With The Fit: Wrong Personality

The biggest issue healthcare organizations have with leadership talent doesn’t usually involve a lack of knowledge or skill.  It has little to do with qualifications and book smarts.  Rather, it has to do with personality.

All the education, street smarts and experience in the world will not necessarily equate to transformative performance.  Beyond everything else, such achievement emanates from a true love of the job.

Synergy Screening System
The proprietary Synergy Screening System® ensures the right fit. The first time.

In over 92% of cases (Synergy’s own research), when an executive doesn’t want to stay, or, doesn’t perform to expectations, it’s because that person’s personality characteristics are not what the job requires.

The 3 Ps: Personality Propels Performance.  That’s what makes The Right Fit.

The Difference Between Top Performers And Poor Performers

The Synergy Organization was founded in direct response to two critical challenges  organizations face:

  1. People who are unhappy with their positions usually don’t change themselves to fit their job requirements. Instead, they try to change their job responsibilities to suit their own preferences.
  2. Conversely, top performers typically love their jobs and have a real passion for them because they encourage them to be who they really are.

Since 1989, healthcare executive search hasn’t paid sufficient attention to what matters most to leaders’ success.  It’s all about The Fit.  And, The Fit has much less to do with leaders’ heads (expertise, education, training) and everything to do with their hearts (passions, values, drive).

Take The Synergy Challenge!   Take The Synergy Challenge

The Evidence-Based Executive Search Process Leads To The Right Fit

S3 is a systematic process specifically designed to objectively quantify in measurable terms what matters most to the mutual success of an organization and the new leaders.  This enables progressive healthcare organizations to achieve significantly better results than otherwise possible.

Evidence From All Stakeholders: The Job Analysis

The evidence is obtained via a proprietary series of structured interviews and carefully crafted, standardized assessment instruments and internet-based profiles.  Within just a few days at most, Synergy gathers all of the data it needs to cross-validate wants and needs.  What a great investment of your limited time and resources!

Armed with critical qualitative and quantitative data, an Executive Briefing is then prepared.  It is customized for each individual organization.  Included is a summary of the findings which will either:

  • Confirm that it is, in fact, a square hole the organization needs to fill, or
  • Explain that the objective evidence indicates that it is a round hole that needs to be filled, not a square one.

Executive Level Services That Save Significant Time, Money And Increase Productivity, Profitability While Reducing Risk

The proprietary Synergy Screening System® is universally integrated into all that The Synergy Organization offers.

The Irony: despite common misconceptions, S3 actually streamlines the process, carefully identifies the target, and saves organizations considerable time, money and aggravation.  In fact, clients have conservatively estimated $8,000 to $10,000 in direct, front-end savings, per search!

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