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The Right Fit. The First Time

Healthcare clients use The Synergy Organization at least four times on average. They appreciate Synergy’s value and understand that it always costs less to do things right the first time. Here is what some of our highly respected clients have said:

After knowing of Ken for several years, I recently had the opportunity to use his firm’s Evidence-Based Selection Assessment services in our search for a vice president of clinical and support services at Mary Greeley.

The search for the new vice president was unique, as we had identified a strong internal candidate, as well as several external candidates. Synergy was instrumental in helping us develop a clear, common and objective understanding of the prerequisites for success in this position. Then, they evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate with their Synergy Screening System® against our criteria, which proved very successful.

Throughout my experience working with Synergy, it was evident that their business and recruitment processes are strongly rooted in the Baldrige approach. Their expertise and assistance confirmed that our internal candidate was the best person for the position, and they provided useful feedback to increase the likelihood of a successful transition into her new role.

Synergy’s timely, effective, and personal attention to our recruitment has met my high expectations, and I recommend their services without hesitation.

-Brian Dieter, President & CEO, Mary Greeley Medical Center

As the Western Maryland Health System was embarking on the next iteration of our strategic plan, I wanted to be sure that I had the right executives responsible for the right areas throughout the organization.  I also wanted to have a viable succession plan to share with the Board at the end of the engagement.  I made a series of inquiries as to which consultants some of my colleagues have used to perform a similar engagement for their organizations in the past.  After reviewing several firms, I determined that Synergy was the best fit for my particular need.

The entire engagement was very well done and accomplished all of the objectives that were pre-determined at the onset of the Synergy engagement.  Through a needs analysis, a variety of assessments and profile work all performed by Synergy, I was able to determine which executives were best suited for the positions in the organization.  Much of the work determined that individuals were in the right positions however, several changes were made in areas of responsibility to best suit the person as well as the organization going forward.  The engagement culminated with a presentation of the outcome of Synergy’s work product, a revised organizational chart and the new succession plan for executive leadership to the board.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the work performed by Synergy as well as the outcome of the engagement.  I would highly recommend this firm in that what they set out to accomplish ended up exceeding my expectations and the overall value was excellent.

-Barry P. Ronan, FACHE, President & CEO, Western Maryland Health System

In the second half of 2013, the Cleveland Clinic was faced with the challenge of replacing the first director and 13-year incumbent of the Office of Innovations.  This position is responsible for all operating aspects of the technology transfer and innovation arm of the organization.

We engaged The Synergy Organization to assist us in understanding the current needs of the position and how we might embark upon a search for the new executive director.  Synergy worked closely with my office as well as the Chief of Staff and Chief Executive Officer to understand the Cleveland Clinic operation and what we perceived as the needs for a future leader.  They conducted extensive interviews and collected information from individuals within the office, members of the organization who utilized their services and some external consultants.  Upon the completion of their analysis, they presented a comprehensive report to leadership on their understanding of what changes should made in the operation as well as the traits and abilities of potential leadership candidates.  Their report was presented and well received.

The work The Synergy Organization completed was utilized throughout the process and also in our determination of selecting our new director.  Their recommendations for design changes were also significantly utilized in reformatting not only the director position but the office structure.  This work was invaluable to us as set forth on establishing future operations for this group.

-Robert W. Coulton, Jr., Executive Director, Professional Staff Affairs, Cleveland Clinic

Synergy has worked with many of the senior executives within MedStar to fill mission critical positions.  In addition to Synergy’s ability to effectively provide the best top level candidates, their knowledge and professionalism has delivered a high level of service and commitment which provides us with confidence in our hiring decisions.

Synergy is a reliable partner for helping us acquire top executive talent.

-David P. Noe, Vice President, Human Resources, MedStar Health

Your interviews of our key stakeholders, along with their written assessments of the Cardiology Chair position, provided a valuable insight into the key success factors necessary for this important physician leadership role.  Your perspective on our culture, key responsibilities, performance criteria and leadership style and characteristics proved to be an important foundation upon which we were able to evaluate our candidates.

I found this leadership assessment to be objective, well structured and actionable.

-James F. Carlino, SPHR, CCP, VP Human Resources, CHRO, DEBORAH Heart and Lung Center

I want to thank you and your team for your assistance in completing our search for a new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

I continue to be impressed with the comprehensive approach which The Synergy Organization utilizes in applying evidence-based search techniques to ensure that the candidates presented during the search process are both qualified technically to undertake their positional responsibilities, but also qualified culturally, to fit effectively inside the organization, working constructively with both their peers and subordinates.

I am convinced that evidence-based search techniques provide an important positive differentiator for your firm and is a distinctive attribute to distinguish The Synergy Organization from other competitors within the executive search field.  Also, I am convinced that applying evidence-based research results to the search process works, and wouldn’t hesitate to contact you the next time we need to fill a critical position within the company.

-Ken Hanover, CEO, Prezio Health, Inc.

I was so very impressed with your approach and thoughtfulness in engaging with our team here at Capital Region to identify issues and propose potential solutions and paths for resolution.  Providing us options gave us the ability to adapt your recommendations into a solution that I am happy to report has been sustainable!

I expect that Capital Region will be working with Synergy in the future on not only these types of projects but others because we trust your methods, judgment and results.

-Gaspare Calvaruso, President, Capital Region Medical Center

I am pleased to provide this reference for The Synergy Organization. I have utilized both their recruitment service and C-Suite coaching services within the last twelve months.

Synergy has a wonderful model of “get it done right” based upon a psychology review of the senior leadership team, the corporate culture and then they use that data to identify the best candidate(s).  They delivered MORE THAN PROMISED and made two difficult situations easy for me as CEO.

Synergy has a unique skill in identifying a corporate culture (the real one) and then identifying strong candidates who can successfully perform within that culture.  The candidate has been with us twelve months and brought a tremendous skill set to the organization.

I whole-heartedly recommend them for your recruitment and senior staff development needs. am so pleased with the results, that I am willing to personally answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to call me.  Synergy is a trusted friend not a vendor to us at Pinnacle Health.

-Michael A. Young, MHA, F.A.C.H.E., President and Chief Executive Officer

I use the Synergy Organization exclusively for recruiting executive positions and consider them not only a trusted recruiting partner but also a trusted adviser.  Their assistance and insight in hiring executive staff has been critical to our organization with establishing a cohesive and focused management team able to respond quickly and professionally to the ever changing, and challenging, healthcare delivery system.

The uniqueness of The Synergy Organization is they do a remarkable job of not only presenting qualified candidates, but concurrently, they provide a thorough assessment of the candidates cultural fit within our organization.

I am extremely pleased with their evidence-based executive search and executive assessment services and highly recommend them to solve your recruiting needs.

-Jim Raggio, Chief Executive Officer, Lompoc Valley Medical Center